C9819DXIV2197-19 DX IV – Cobra Electronics 19 DX IV 2 Way Radio – Universal

COBRA ELECTRONICS COMPACT CB RADIO 50 years of unparalleled innovation, that is what Cobra Electronics Corporation has visioned from the time they were established. They are the leading designer of mobile communication products in the United States, Canada, Europe, and around the world. The company continues to evolve by daringly engaging into new product categories, which currently includes mobile navigation devices, 2-way radios, radar/laser detectors, citizen’s band radios, marine electronics, and power inverters. Features: 40 CB radio channels 9/19 instant channels 9-foot microphone cord Antenna connector Channel selector knob Compact size Dynamic microphone External speaker/PA jacks Front panel microphone connector LCD channel display PA system S/RF power meter Squelch/RF gain knob TX indicator icon

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  • 19 DX IV
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