Hollow Bolt Safe : Authentic Finish — hidden covert spy tech

Hollow Spy Bolt Covert Hidden Contents Container / Safe Product Details: Capacity: 1.77 cubic inches, . Dimensions: 4″ x 3/4″ (Length x Diameter) Solid nut to keep weight similar to real nut and bolt Dual finish option to fit the right situation Nut to lock cap to Prevent Accidental Opening and to Foil Thieves Made from a solid steel Description The Spy Bolt is an updated and improved version of the old Soviet KGB “dead drop” hollow bolt used during the Cold War. It features a locking nut for weather-proof storage of small valuables, communications, etc. Simple, ingenious design is essential for the concealable gadgets spy work calls for. The Spy Bolt fits the bill perfectly. This new version utilizes a 3/4″ diameter bolt providing a larger storage area than most other. It also available in “Authentic” and Nickel Plated” finish for additional security. “Authentic” finish is the raw finish that is as the same as when it left the factory. It may contain traces of oil and rust to mimic the real nut and bolt. “Nickel Plated” finish is new so it will fit right in on the shelf as a display item. Details Package Includes: (1) Spy Bolt, (1) Nut Condition: Brand New Packaging: Discrete Plain Packaging

Product Features

  • *Large opening that can easily fit: memory card, jewelrys, moneys
  • *Heavy steel construction, weight 10oz , feel just like the real thing
  • *Hide valuable in plain site
  • *Weather Proof
  • *The nut can be use to lock the cap in place —— Authentic style may include speck of rust and/or oil to simulate the real life condition.