Baby Carrier,Baby Carriers Front and Back -The COMPLETE All Seasons 360 Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier with Baby Hip Seat,8 in 1,Newborn to Toddler,2017 New Style By VOUSKA


VOUSKA baby carriers complies with the EN13209-2:2005 safety standard for baby carriers ,it’s free from harmful and known allergenic substances. All fabrics in this product are manufactured and approved in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 for baby products.

360 Degree Baby Wearing:This is a versatile ergonomic child carrier that allows you to carry your child in 8 different ways (including kangaroo front facing, backpack and hip carry positions) for home, outdoor or hiking ,you’ll be sure to find a position to make you and your little one feel safe and cozy.Machine washable.

Surround pinafore:The surround pinafore keeps baby face and strap clean, the cotton is soft ,air permeable andwater-absorbing ,we make the material anti-bacterial, reducing the malignant bacteria.

Wind cap:The wind cap is appropriate to use in cold weather which can prevent from the cold on the head and breathing the cold wind                              

Detachable Front Air Permeable Panel For All Seasons :It can keep baby warm in winter .In summer, remove the panel ,it makes baby dry and cool n prevent from the cold on the head and breathing the cold wind.

Lumbar Support:Rated Most Comfortable Baby Carrier! Enjoy superior comfort thanks to the unique lumbar support and waist belt which provide amazing stability, relieve pressure, and allow baby’s weight to be evenly distributed for a more comfortable fit.

OUR PROMISE TO YOU:We know how stressful it can be trying to make a decision between VOUSKA and all of other we give you a 100% money back guarantee and a 1-year warranty to make your decision even easier.

Product Features

  • 8 in 1 Ergonomic Baby Carrier: 8 different carrying positions, VOUSKA provides you with a baby carrier that is endlessly adaptable to your needs. You’ll be sure to find a position to make you and your little one feel safe and cozy, including: Front-Fetal, Front-Infant, Front Facing Out, Front-Toddler, Hip, and Back.
  • Medical Silicone Skid-proof Seat Surface:VOUSKA baby carrier uses medical silicone on the hip seat which is arranged in spot form.It provides static friction force and will keep baby stable and make baby comfortable.
  • Detachable Front Air Permeable Panel:It can keep baby warm in winter.In summer , remove the panel ,it makes baby dry and cool.
  • Acknowledged As a Hip-healthy Baby Carrier by International Hip Dysplasia Institute:100% organic and child-friendly cotton and high quality 3-D mesh keeps you and your baby cool ,Ergonomic wide-leg carrying position,Extra-padded shoulder straps,hip seat design reduce Mum’s 80% pressure, minimize back aches and pains,perfect for carrying your baby on your back.
  • Simple Baby Carrier for Carrying Your Baby on Your Back: As a good baby carrier,it should be simple and comfortable. VOUSKA aby Carrier features easily adjustable straps and buckles. It adapts in no time to different users. You can use Baby Carrier from birth and up to approximately three years of age.