Small Boy Stripe Canvas Play Teepee Tent for Kids 100% Cotton by, Black/White

Here the price does not include mats, accessories. Just a tent price why doyou need a children tent? Sometimes everyone needs a little place for privacy, including your growing children. That’s why this dream house children adorable teepee tent is a perfect choice for your kids to explore their ever-expanding mind while in the playroom frontier. When your kids are creative indoors,dream house children adorable teepee tent is the excellent preference for the young to create a hideaway environment where they can be themselves. Features: 1. 100% cotton canvas fabrics,clean wooden poles and free of chemicals, no irritating smell. 2. Easy to set up and fold away for storage, totally portableand convenient. 3. Large enough to fit twocutetoddlers. 4. Children’s own little “space” where they can play, read, nap or just use their imagination. 5. Bright and simple colors: Babies can decorate their teepees by themselves. 6. Luxury decorations for the children’s room or living room. 7. Our small boy children adorable teepee tent is a good gift for holidays, kids’ birthdays and parties, which provides fun playtime for toddlers. Children tents for 1-7 years old children, boys and girls have their own little world.

Product Features

  • Single color double-sided pockets cotton canvas large space new zealand pine
  • Size: Bottom side length 120cm height 145cm
  • Fabric: Cotton canvas active printing and dyeing
  • Space: Can accommodate an adult two children at the same time
  • Accessories: Tent cover + bag + anti-slip sets