Mini Gps Tracker TKSTAR Anti-theft Real Time Tracking on Free App Anti-lost Gps Locator Tracking Device for Purse Bag Wallet Bags Kids Satchels Important Documents Luggage Compatible Android IOS TK901

We advice you to use the sim card like speedtalk, please make sure that the sim card have call sms service and data 

1.Why does the device show wrong position when the device is online in platform?  
1). No GPS signal ,but the device can get LBS location, should put the device on the window or outside to get GPS signal , the blue light is solid on in this situation, the green light flash  

 2.Why does the device can’t be on line ? 
1)  APN setting is wrong 
2) GPRS is off ( the green light is off or solid on ) 
3)  IP and port was changed by somebody 

When app shows offline, then need to set up the apn 
Firstly, Need to ask the carrier about the apn informtaion of the sim card in tracker 
Then send those command:
Apn123456 apn name
Apn123456 apn username
Apn123456 apn password
Have a space after 123456 , don’t need to send last two commands if sim card don’t have username and password.

For Example: if you use the card Speedtalk 
Apn name :wholesale
Apn username:blank 
Apn password:blank 
Then you need to send the command:
apn123456 wholesale

Package includes:
1 x GPS tracker
1 x USB cable
1 x user manual

If have any problem, no hesitate to contact with me, ,i will reply you as soon as possible 

Product Features

  • ♦♦♦ Mini Design & Wide Usage: Mini Multifunction GPS Tracker Size is 47mm * 24mm * 18mm The GPS tracker is designed for use anywhere Purse Wallet Bags Children Satchels Important Documents — The Live Tracking Features are limitless! Even more so to track its location, such as cars, trucks, boats, vans, and anti-theft construction equipment
  • ♦♦♦ Real-time positioning and accurate positioning: real-time tracking, display location information automatically (supports Android / IOS APP, Web / WAP), real-time free tracking, GPS / A GPS / LBS mode positioning, positioning accuracy of up to 15 meters , Three positioning way: SMS message, APP free positioning, web positioning
  • ♦♦♦ Electronic Fence (Geo-Fence): If you set a geo-fence so that the device limits its movement within a district, the device sends a message to the authorized number if it violates the district.
  • ♦♦♦ Long battery life: The GPS tracker has a built-in 600 mA lithium-ion battery. Long Standby 200h, Net Weight: 25g.MINI size, Lovely, very suitable for hidden.
  • ♦♦♦ History memory: Within 6 months, you can review and play back the route history of the Web Monitor Center device. We know the location of your beloved child or older parent.