Findster Duo+ Pet Tracker – GPS Tracking Collar for Dogs and Cats & Pet Activity Monitor – Free of Monthly Fees – Tracks 1 pet

The best GPS pet tracker without monthly fees – a real-time pet locator and a pet fitness & activity tracker that rewards you for keeping your furry friend healthy. The only tracking device for pets to allow true real-time GPS tracking and a pet activity monitor for your dog or cat, Findster Duo is the best in class of wearable technology for pets. A tiny and smart GPS finder for dogs and cats with a waterproof design, it requires no cell coverage and works in the US and in every other country – even if you’re completely off-grid. And unlike other GPS pet locators, Findster Duo+ allows you to track more than one pet without any subscriptions or extra fees!

Product Features

  • FREE OF MONTHLY FEES: Findster Duo+ is the first GPS pet tracker that doesn’t require a subscription. Why should you keep paying for something you’ve already bought? Our MAZE technology eliminates the need for a cellular connection to send the GPS coordinates, so no SIM card or cell coverage are needed – effectively removing the need for monthly fees!
  • TRACK UP TO 3 PETS: Unlike other GPS pet trackers (where each device requires its own subscription), Findster Duo+ allows you to track up to three pets at once, and you still won’t pay any subscriptions or extra fees. No pet gets left behind!
  • REAL-TIME PET TRACKER & INSTANT ALERTS: The only tracking device for pets to allow true real-time GPS tracking, the Duo+ uses the most reliable and precise technology to monitor your dog or cat. Define a safe area around your pet’s position on the map, and you’ll be immediately notified if they leave that space, giving you time to react! Findster also works as a Pet Activity Monitor, tracking your pet’s fitness and activity levels and helping you assure their daily needs are met.
  • WORKS IN EVERY COUNTRY, EVEN IN OFF-GRID AREAS: Since it does not depend on cellular coverage to work, the Duo+ works everywhere – even if you’re completely off-grid! Whether you’re taking your pet on a quick walk or exploring no man’s land, it’s your buddy’s ideal companion. The modules are waterproof and shock-resistant, so they’re sturdy enough to accompany all of your pet’s adventures!
  • RANGE PERFORMANCE & BATTERY LIFE: The Duo+ lets you track your pet in an estimated range of up to 3mi, depending on your surroundings. You can expect at least 0.5mi in congested urban areas, but in open outdoor areas you may even surpass the 3mi estimate! You can switch between 2 modes: Live Tracking (GPS Location) on/off, so the battery life is up to you. It will last for 3 days (Live Tracking on for two 30-min walks per day, plus all-day activity tracking) or 12h with Live Tracking always on.