GPSit1000BZL LTE Vehicle Tracking Device with 1 Year Service, No Contracts, No Monthly Fees, Real Time GPS Tracker, Fleet Tracking, Eld Support, Car Tracking, Monitor Teen Driving, Nationwide Coverage

GPSit1000BZL is a real-time vehicle GPS tracker with fast upates and turn-by-turn locations. Keep track of your vehicle’s trips, mileage, stop time, idle time, key events, odometer, alerts, landmark (geo-fence) entry and exit. Light Fleet tracker is powered by standard vehicle power (12V or 24V). It has 3 Inputs that may be configured to detect states of sensors and 2 Outputs that can control accessories. Installation can be done in less than a minute by simply plugging the Light Fleet tracker in vehicle’s OBD (On Board Diagnostics) port (2 wire configuration). The tracker can also be installed in 3-wire configuration: Just connect Positive (Red), Negative (Black), and Ignition (White) wires. Light Fleet tracker accurately tracks your vehicle’s movements as it moves. While the vehicle is moving, it sends location updates every 2 minutes as well as when the vehicle turns. When the vehicle is stopped, it updates the server every few hours. All the events are instantaneously reported to the server.

Product Features

  • Newer LTE model; No contract; Very Accurate Trips; 1 year of service included; No hidden fees or monthly service charges
  • Works with OAY1000 OBD adapter for OBD installs
  • Full ELD Compliance; 1 year hardware warranty; Easy 3 wire Installation
  • Most affordable fleet tracking solution in the market
  • Includes Hardware, Data, Software, Mobile access (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and others)