Lifeunion Adjustable Service Dog Supply Backpack Saddle Bag for Camping Hiking Training (Black, L)


The following sizes description and sizes were described on picture just as references, please refer to the actual subject.

Small Size – (About Suitable Weight for Pet 19 lb-35 lb).
Size S fits for American Eskimo Dog,Beagles,Kerry Blue Terrier,Kooikerhondjes,and Puli,miniature Australian Shepard, etc.
– Chest Size:22.8″- 25.2″
– Belly Size:13.4″- 20.1″
– Neck Size:14.2″- 16.1″

Medium Size – (About Suitable Weight for Pet 36 lb- 57 lb)
Size M fits for Samoyed,Siberian Husky,Goldendoodle,Malinois,Bearded Collie,and American Staffordshire Terrier, etc.
– Chest Size:27.6″- 31.9″
– Belly Size:16.1″- 21.7″
– Neck Size:20.0″- 23.6″

Large Size – (About Suitable Weight for Pet 58lb- 100 lb)
Size L fits for Doberman,German Shepherd,Schnauzer,Labrador Retriever,Old English Sheepdog,and Rottweiler,etc.
– Chest Size:31.0″- 35.0″
– Belly Size:26.0″-39.0″
– Neck Size:24.0″-31.0″

S:9.9 oz, Can accomodate under 1.5 lb
M:11.6 oz, Can accomodate under 2.5 lb
L:13.4 oz, Can accomodate under 3.5 lb


– If you want to get a suitable backpack for your dog,please take for reference on above measurements correspond to chest,belly,neck size.
– Waterproof design.But If it rains,it will get wet.
– Be careful, the sharp items like branches ,to prevent scratching.
– Don’t put something overweight in the pack, otherwise your pets will uncomfortable.

Product Features

  • Made of high quality 600D double polyester material,durable and waterproof.
  • Adjustable straps and a soft-mesh lined underside for a comfortable and custom fit.
  • Space to store all of your dog’s travel essentials such as food,treats,toys,first-aid supplies and travel bowls.
  • Sturdy, built-in rubber handle and a hard D-ring leash attachment on top for extra control.
  • Great gifts for dog lovers,perfect for service dogs daily walking,hiking,camping or training.