Track Man Self Inflatable Lumbar Support – for Home Office Car Camping Lumbar Pillows

Track Man lumbar cushion is automatic inflatable, and you can also inflate by your mouth quickly.
Track Man lumbar cushion support provides a great combination of both comfort and support.
The lumbar cushion is designed to counter to the curves of your back to give you a custom fit.
The lumbar cushion has an adjustable buttons
The back support cushion’s medium firmness easily supports the spinal curve and makes sitting more comfortable.

Orthopedically shaped lumbar sponge cushion
Perfect for the office, home or auto seat and chair
Machine wash

How to Use:
Spread out the air cushion, open the nozzle cap, let the self-filling cushion automatically inflating. You can adjust the hardness of the cushion according to your own needs and then tighten the nozzle cap. (Pls wait for inflating patiently at first time)
Open the nozzle cap. Roll up from the other end of the air cushion, press out the air, tighten the nozzle cap and then pack the cushion folded or in straight roll.
You can reduce the collection volume by multiple exhaustion. Please put in the outer bag to avoid scratching while carrying it.

Product Features

  • Product measures approx 16.54” x 11.81” x 2.76”(The highest thickness)
  • Air cushion provides relief of back pain and long term sitting comfort or Long-distance driving fatigue
  • Comes with an adjustable elastic strap to provide secure positioning,and hollow anti-slip back, making the waist and chairs more to fit
  • The use of environmentally friendly TPU coating, so you comfortable at the same time more clean and healthy, both beautiful and practical
  • Deflated, folded, small and lightweight, easy to carry