“Compass” Russian Jew’s Harp with a Cedar Case

“Compass” jew’s harp by Glazyrin with protective case. This is the revolution in the world of entry-level jew’s harps. In a small closed town near Ural mountains in Siberia Dmitry Glazyrin, well-known maker of high grade vargans, started production of inexpensive instruments with qualities, never imaginable before for such price. No one professionally made for sale teeth jew’s harp in the world was close to this price-to-quality ratio – it is astonishing. Very easy to play – perfect for beginners. Lot of pleasure. Hurry to get one before orders amount overwhelm production possibilities – it is not factory – the most important part of tuning is made by hand in any case;) It is not a toy like “Snoopy Jaw Harp” or stamped Austrian maultrommels. Image on each case is unique and selected randomly.