Geometry Compass Set by Ferocious Viking, Combination Compass Set for Solid and Plane Geometry Precision Tool for Drawing, Drafting, Math and Geometry with Beam Extension Bar

►Perfect for Math Work

Whether you are taking geometry classes or just need to make the occasional pie diagram, having the ability to create accurate, drawings with a precision instrument is a must for the serious student. When bisecting angles or constructing geometrical figures, you want a compass you can rely on.

►Geometry as an Art Form

There can be something uniquely aesthetic in the quality of a well-made geometric pattern. Several amazing works of art have been produced using just pencil and compass. An example has been included in the last picture for the listing. (Click on the pictures to see all the pictures available).

►Need to Draw a Large Circle? Not a Problem!

The leg of the compass can be removed by loosening the screw holding it in place. Once removed the extension beam can be inserted in its place. With the extension beam firmly attached to the compass you have a choice of what to attach to it. You can simply attach the leg you took off earlier to the blue end of the extension beam or you can attach the pencil holder. If you use the pencil holder then it is recommended to use it with a pencil or pen for best performance. This combination allows the drawing of much larger circles with the same comfortable ease and precision as a smaller circle.

►For use in STEM Projects or Home Schooling

When homeschooling you often need equipment that is just a little bit sturdier as it may be used both for homework and drawing circles on the surface of long dead trees in the back yard – 20 feet off the ground. The compass set screw allows you to set the exact size of circle needed, move to the location needed and then make your circle.

Product Features

  • GEOMETRY COMPASS SET CONTAINS – Two Ferocious Viking bow compasses, an extension beam, interchangeable attachments, a slip handle for pens, pencils, stylus or markers. Ideal for students in grades 9-12, vocational or college classes studying drafting, architectural design, and construction engineering
  • HIGH QUALITY COMPASS – We have all tried using a cheap plastic compass that can’t hold the shape for even a single circle and forces you to have to try again. With this high quality Ferocious Viking bow compass you will not have that problem. The set screw in the center of the compass allows you to accurately set the size of the circle you need and hold it.
  • VERSATILE – An Extension Beam attaches to the big Ferocious Viking Bow Compass for drawing large circles and arcs up to 22 inch diameter, very useful for those times you need to think BIG.
  • EXTRA FEATURES – Includes a sharpener for sharpening the point of the lead to always be able to create precise arcs and circles. Also includes a small container for lead, so you have a replacement handy when needed. Additionally includes a small stylus pen that can be used in the slip handle or separately
  • IDEAL FOR MATH CLASSES – Such as Geometry class, drafting, architectural drawings, engineering designs, both mechanical design and construction. It is a necessary tool for bisecting angles, constructing geometrical shapes, including perpendicular lines, parallel lines, triangles, circles, rectangles, pentagons and virtually any geometrical shape.