Reliable Outdoor Gear Professional Boy Scout Compass – Liquid Filled, Adjustable Declination, Magnetic Heading – for Navigation, Orienteering and Survival

“If you are looking for great basic compass that is accurate,
lightweight and small, then this is the right thing for you.

A standard compass for outdoor orienting that makes it easy to read the map and plan your trip.

You will certainly be on the right track with this tool thanks to the liquid-filled capsule (bubble free)
which makes the needle swing fast and freely, and accurately points you north. The swivel bezel
it’s easy to rotate and makes it simple to adjust the inclinometer bearings with 2o graduations.

It is durable and will last you a lifetime as the clear base plate it’s made of strong plastic (acrylic).

You will be able to make precise route planning with the multiple measurement scales and the holes
for drawing control points on the map. Use the lanyard to keep it handy around your neck.

This field compass is one of the classic tools for the advanced orienteer, as well as novices to
map-and-compass work: a scouting compass perfect for your scout boy or girl. It’s the perfect size
for ultralight backpackers and a must for everyone’s outdoor kit.

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After that, Grab yours now and get yourself a Reliable Outdoor Gear!

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Product Features

  • GREEN BASEPLATE with MAGNIFYING GLASS, RULER & SCALES for topographic map reading
  • THE BEZEL ADJUSTMENT dials in the exact bearing (2° graduation)
  • This FIELD COMPASS is the Indispensable Navigational Instrument in your Backpack or Tools Equipment. It’s high quality, lightweight and precision made. So if you are looking for an accurate tool to relay on during backpacking, hiking, camping or outdoors then This Is the Best Compass for You! So Prepare in Advance and Get Yours Now! (stock varies in peak season)