Emergency Sleeping Bag – for Shelter and Protection That Fits in Your Hand – All Weather Survival Bivy for Camping, Hiking and Outdoors – Easy to Use and Reusable – Includes Water Resistant Carry Bag

No one plans on being put in a survival situation in the backcountry. The Emergency Sleeping Bag from Terra Beast provides emergency shelter and protection in the event of one.

You never know where you might end up on your next adventure. This survival bivy is designed to get you through an emergency should you get lost, caught in bad weather or stranded overnight.

At 84 x 36 inches, it can be set up anywhere – quickly and easily – to provide warmth and protection against the snow, rain, and wind – no matter where you are.

Armed with this invaluable piece of gear, you can head out on your outdoor camping, hiking or backpacking trips knowing you have life saving protection anytime you need it.

The Terra Beast Emergency Sleeping Bag includes:
1 – 3.4 oz (95g) bivvy1 – water resistant nylon stuff sackDimensions folded: 4 inches x 5 inches x diameter 2.8 inchesDimensions fully expanded: 84 inches x 36 inches

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Product Features

  • ⛺️ BE PREPARED FOR AN UNEXPECTED NIGHT OUT – You never know when you might get stranded in the wilderness. Bivvy sack provides emergency shelter and protection in case you get lost or have to spend the night outdoors. At 7 feet long x 3 feet wide it fits practically anyone!
  • ⛺️ STAY WARM IN THE GREAT WIDE OPEN – The NASA developed reflective Mylar material reflects up to 90% of your body heat to provide instant heat as soon as the temperature drops. Use on its own or as a sleeping bag liner to keep you warm, safe and comfortable in the cold
  • ⛺️ LIFE SAVING CAMPING GEAR – Tough, durable and designed specifically for emergencies. Thermal bivy is designed to prevent hypothermia and increase your chances of survival in the event of an emergency. Bright orange shell for increased visibility should you need rescue
  • ⛺️ YOU CAN’T CONTROL THE WEATHER – BUT YOU CAN SHELTER FROM IT – Sleeping bags are waterproof and wind-resistant in case you get caught in the rain or a storm. Repels rain, wind, and snow and is fully sealed to ensure you stay dry and protected from the elements
  • ⛺️ WON’T WEIGH YOU DOWN OR TAKE UP VALUABLE SPACE – Best for minimalist backpackers and campers. Lightweight and easy to store and carry. Packs down into a compact nylon stuff sack that fits in your hand, backpack or bug out bag. At 3.4 oz, it weighs almost nothing