Gas ONE Portable Propane 100,000-BTU High-Pressure Single-Burner Outdoor Camp Stove Adjustable Legs CSA Listed 0-20PSI High Pressure Regulator Hose Perfect Brewing Maple Syrup Prep

It’s an outdoor cooking monster. The B-3000H will give you exactly what you want with a BTU of 100,000, making your cooking dreams a limitless reality. It features a lightweight frame, easily detachable legs, and a cast iron burner with a high output up to 100,000 BTU. Whether it’s for tailgating, fishing, hunting, camping, or home-brewing, the B – 3000H makes the experience of being in the outdoors convenient and simple.

Product Features

  • PROPANE SINGLE BURNER – Gas One’s B-3000H, our single-high-pressure burner, is the perfect fit for those looking for heat that packs a punch. Along with its height adjustability (removable legs) and installed heat dial
  • EASY HEAT ADJUSTMENT WITH INTEGRATED HEAT DIAL – The B-3000H, unlike many of its counterparts, has a built-in Heat Dial that allows you to control the the burner’s flame directly from the appliance to ensure a controlled and safe cooking experience
  • EASY HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT – With detachable legs, the B-3000H allows for the usage of a taller burner to get rid of back pains when having to crouch over to cook or brew. Remove a set of the detachable legs to create a short sturdy burner!
  • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION – Made with tough welding and a sturdy body frame, the Gas One’s Single Propane Burner is guaranteed to last long with consistent strength. The burner head is made of resilient cast-iron and allows for an output of 100,000 BTU!
  • SAFETY 1ST – Includes a CSA Listed Regulator with ensured quality control