Pyle PSWWM82PN Digital Multifunction Sports Watch with Altimeter/Barometer/Chronograph/Compass and Weather Forecast (Pink)

Discover, travel, exercise and explore in a whole new way with the Pyle PSWWM82 Digital Multifunction Active Sports Watch. This futuristic and technologically advanced wrist watch will act as your very own data center and meteorologist -all within arm’s reach. Versatile capability and next-generation technology takes this watch far beyond your typical wrist watch. Features and modes include temperature, barometer, altimeter, weather prediction, dual-time function, chronograph, alarm and more. Learn more when you check the direction your going, temperature, altitude, sea level pressure and more. Take your personal fitness to the next level and use the Measuring Mode and break your personal best times while running or bicycling. Use the watches memory to record and view your lap times and track your progress. Before you take-off set your timer and record up to your last 10 laps. Run, climb and enjoy the great outdoors like never before. Use it for fitness or for fun!

Product Features

  • Digital Electro Luminescent (EL) Backlight – Graphical display for altitude tendency and sea level pressure – Shows Max/Min altitude, Max/Min temperature, accumulated altitude ascent/descent
  • Built-in pre-programmed digital calendar – Internal Memory: 34 hour history data recall for altitude, temperature, sea level pressure & temperature changes – Count-Down Timer
  • Displays: time, month, day, hour, minute, second and day of the week – Barometer Mode -Measures atmospheric air pressure – Weather Forecast: 4 symbols to indicate the predicated weather
  • Altimeter Mode -Measures altitude levels – Compass Mode -Perfect for travel and location orientation – Daily Alarm Mode – Temperature Measurement Unit: °C or °F (-10 ~ +60 °C / 14 ~ +140°F)
  • Chronograph Mode -Stop watch and time keeping with the ability to start, stop and reset – Measuring Range: -706 to +9164 meter / -2316 to 30065 feet – Key tones and hourly chimes