Advanced Hammock Rain Fly | 110 Inch Multipurpose Rain Fly For Hammocks | Provides Protection From The Elements | Large Lightweight Waterproof Tarp Works With Any Camping Hammock

By outdoor enthusiasts, for outdoor enthusiasts

This is a one-of-a-kind, innovative rain fly we designed for multiple uses including protecting you and your hammock, using as an oversized rainfly, covering you from the sun, and more. Our rainfly is made of 190T Polyester Fabric with PU 2000 Waterproof Coating to keep you and your valuables protected from the elements.

Our advanced rain fly bundle includes One tarp, One carrying bag, Two 12 foot guy lines (1/8″), Four 8 foot guy lines (1/8″), and Twelve 6 inch stakes, all weighing less than 4 pounds and fits into a drawstring bag that is 14 inches by 8 inches by 4 inches.

Our extra large tarp rain fly measures 110 inches long by 70 inches wide by 62 inches with staked walls to keep out wind and other weather, excellent for keeping valuables dry in inclement weather or simply as a sun shade.

The Oak Creek Promise
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Product Features

  • Hammock Rain Fly Made of 190T Polyester Fabric with PU 2000 Waterproof Coating
  • Bundle Includes Two 12 Foot Guy Lines (1/8 Inch Paracord), Four 8 Foot Guy Lines (1/8 Inch Paracord), Twelve 6 Inch Metal Stakes, and Carry Bag
  • Rain Fly Measures 110″ Long x 70″ Wide x 62″ Tall
  • Made of Ripstop Fabric with Staked Walls to Keep Out Wind and Other Weather
  • Excellent for Keeping Valuables Dry in Inclement Weather or as a Sun Shade