Kaxima Sleep Mask 3D Stereo goggles shading sleep sleeping eye protection with storage bag

When to use it:
Our products are lightweight and can be easily brought with them anytime, anywhere. Our products are available for:
• If you want to sleep while traveling, for example, on a train/car plane.
• If your bedroom is not completely obscured by the blackout curtains.
• If your partner wants to watch TV or read a book when they want to sleep.
• If you are looking for the best relaxation, such as yoga, health or meditation.

Why should we choose our products?
Scientific design to optimize comfort, for everyone. Because of the seamless design, and because the molded Cup ensures that it does not feel heavy on the eye, it produces complete darkness and does not feel uncomfortable on the nose or eyes.
Our products are made of the best materials and are high quality products.

Package includes:
1x Sleep Mask
1x Storage Bag

Choose our products to sleep well!
100% satisfaction and risk-free
Sleep comfortably, safe and effective solutions!
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Product Features

  • We are really good-100% skin-friendly natural lightweight breathable material, because breathable natural fibres can keep healthy oxygen while maintaining dry air. The exterior is comfortable, refreshed and energetic.
  • This is our demand-it is ideal for blocking light and helping you to sleep anytime and anywhere to provide you with a late-night environment. On top, enjoy your “good night”, whether it’s at home, in a hotel or on a plane.
  • Anyone who wants a comfortable rest and sleep-will not oppress your face, the soft adjustable shoulder strap will not wrap around the hair, be flexible and durable, and comfortably surround the head to form the most comfortable snug fit in any sleep position.
  • We can all use it-apply to men, women, children and shift workers, super comfort fit design-apply to home or travel, so you can easily take it anywhere on the road.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee-What we do is for the customer to do 100% good quality, customer satisfaction is our demand, and its price will definitely let you value things, of course, because it is worth the price.