NULIPAM Camping Wood Stove Backpacking Cookware Set, Ultralight Portable Stainless Steel Wood Burning Camp Stove. Outdoors Cooking Kit for Hiking,Hunting,Backpacking, Camping,Survival

NULIPAM lightweight and compact wood burning stove is suitable for all serious backpackers,survivalists and campers.You can put your fuel canisters or alcohol in the pots if you don’t want to use the wood stove in some situations.

1L Aluminun Pot Height 4.5 inches; Diameter 5.5 inches; Weight: 5.8 oz;
0.5L Aluminum Pot Height 2.5 inches; Diameter 5.2 inches; Weight: 3.7 oz;
Stainless Steel Stove Height 8.3 inches;Bottom Diameter 4.5 inches;Weight:7.1oz

Package Include:
1*1L hard-anodized Alu. Pot
1*0.5l hard-anodized Alu. Pot
1 set of stainless steel stove
3*food-grade PP plastic bowls
1*food-grade PP plastic soup spoon
1*stainless steel spoon
1*stainless steel fork
1*stainless steel foldable knife
1*bamboo spoon
1*cleaning sponge
1*nylon travel bag
1*hang hook
Notice: Our company has series of this related stove and cookware with the same box,so if you receive the package,please don’t be confused and it’s the right item as description.

Product Features

  • Nature Friendly: Using wood allows us to find fuel wherever our adventures take us,no fuel canisters or alcohol required.
  • Multi-Hole Design: This design allows fuel to burn more completely and with less smoke. Uses twigs, leaves, pinecones and wood as fuel.
  • Excellent Combo:2 pots with handle foldable,everything can be put into a nylon bag.The whole set of outdoor cooking kit is perfect for explorer or family camping backpacking,hunting,fishing,picnic,etc.
  • Boils water in 5 mins (34 fl oz water) and non-stick pots are easy to clean.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you are not satisfied, 100% return or refund within 30 days.