Paracord Grenade Suvival Kit – 18 IN 1 Tactical Gear – Fishing Bag with 550 Parachute Cord 150db Emergency Whistle – Carabiner Upgraded With a Military Grade Snap Hook (ARMY CAMO)

With the Survival Egg you can now ALWAYS BE PREPARED

It’s High Quality, Risk Free with 30 days MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, and could one day SAVE YOUR LIFE.

– All D&A Eggs are constructed with 9 feet of strong and durable 550 Paracord and include an attached
-Emergency Whistle Great For Signaling
-Military Grade Snap Hook for added strength and durability
Your survival kit is filled with many of the essential survival tools which are hardest to find and improvise which include

-2 Fishing hooks
-2 Fishing Floats
-2 Fishing swivels
-2 Fishing weights
– Fishing line
-Flint for fire starting
-Tinder for kindling
-Tin foil for cooking, signaling, and reflecting heat
-An alcohol pad for disinfecting and cleaning or assisting in fast ignition for emergency fires
-A needle for your first aid or other sewing needs
-Iron wire for trapping food
-2 Safety pins
-A razor sharp knife blade for your cutting needs


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Product Features

  • Practical Paracord Survival Grenade Kit – Contains 18 Parts which are selected by most of wilderness lovers from all over the world for outdoor activities and disaster preparedness.
  • Can be disassembled to perform multiple tasks in different situations (SEE DESCRIPTION BELOW)
  • Compact and lightweight to carry it around inside the pocket or hook it to your keychain.
  • An essential must have for outdoor lovers, keep it in the car, add it to your backpack or survival bag for your next camping trip. You never know when it may be needed.
  • HIGHLY RESISTANT, Items in the kit made with highest quality material that will last.