Survival Claw: Small Tactical Emergency Travel First Aid Kit and Earthquake Bug out Bag + Medical Tool Kits for Person Home Office Car Backpacking Hiking + Fishing Camping Gear Accessories Set

Every Day Carry / 72 hour Adventure Kit / Get Home Bag / FirstAidKit / Black Trekking Bug out Bag / Armas de Defensa Personal / Kit de Supervivencia terremotos / Survival Kit

1 x Lightweight Water Resistant EVA Everyday Carry Case

1 x Waterproof Notepad 50 Sheets 100 Pages Uniquely Treated Paper

1x Tactical Self Defense Pen / Weapons / Glass Breaker / Belt Clip / Water Proof

1 x 10 in 1 Multi Tool Pliers/Folding Knife/Flat Head/Saw/File/Pick/Bottle Opener

1 x Saber 2 60 LED Flashlight 200 Lumen

1 x 11 in 1 Credit Card Multi Tool / Saber Card Multitool

1 x Magnesium Fire Starter Flame Tossing Flint and Steel with Striker Firestarter

1 x Army Veterans Paracord Bracelet with Compass/Whistle/FireStarters/10.5 ft Paracord

1 x Durable Wire Saw with strong finger loops for leverage

IFAK Personal Bug out Bag and Medical Supplies for SOG Bugout Backpacks and Ruck Sack:

1 x LARGE Upgraded EMT Scissors

1 x Survival Blanket/Shelter 84″ x 52″ Water Proof/Disposable/Wind Resistant

1 x Triangle Bandage

1 x Surgical Tape Roll

1 x Blue Elastic Tourniquet

1 x Easy Clean Tweezers – Blood, Dirt and Grime easily removed.

10 x Alcohol Pads

6 x Povidone – Iodine Prep Pad

4 x Antiseptic Swabs

5 x Circular BandageAids

5 x Butterfly Bandages

10 x Standard Bandages

20 x Cotton Sticks

3 x Safe Safety Pins

2 x Paper Clips

2x Fishing Kit

1 x line

2 x weights

2 x hooks

2 x Swivels

2 x Floats

(Items NOT Included Listed Below)

Battery Operated Handcrank Radio  

Radios Hand Crank Up  

Solar Power Station

Canned Drinking Water

Filtration Filtering Straws

Purify Filtered Purification Filter Straw

Purifier Tablets

Watrproof Matches

1x AA Batteries

Product Features

  • ✅BASIC EMT and EDC TOOLS – 1st Responder Med Pack for Outdoor Hikers, Prepper, Hunting, Boat Safety
  • ✅ WATERPROOF ALL WEATHER NOTEPAD – Tactical Pen Kit, Survival Bracelet, Tourniquet, Cool Tac Equipment
  • ✅ COMPACT PORTABLE – Essentials Fits in Military Backpack with Trauma Refill Supplies
  • ✅ BEST SURVIVAL MEDKIT – Disaster Preparedness for Men, Women, Kids and Family – Get Prepared Survive
  • ✅ 100% NO RISK MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Support Our Troops and Veterans!