Acosta Enterprise Portable Camping Blanket – Multi-Purpose Compact Pocket Blanket – Water Resistant and Repels Sand – For outdoor Sports, camping, picnic, festivals. Plus Free compass

The journey begins with preparation, and this should be the first product to have for your next adventure.

Free compass with every purchase. This product is great for the beach or any outdoor activities.

It can fit almost any pocket and it is durable for most weather conditions.

It is waterproof and sand free.

Bring it anywhere and everywhere you go.

The possibilities are endless you can use this for anything. Use it as a raincoat, or if you have a dog, you can put this down on the back seat of your car before it gets on. This is washable, wash it every time you complete your adventure.

Go buy it before it is all gone. We make sure to listen to feedback for better product quality or production. We want you to have a great product and not spend your money on cheap material. A free E-book is included. It is about the many different ways to use this product. It is nothing special or fancy, just some extra information. Give it a read. We included a compass that no one else provides because we believe in convenience and preparation to start your next big journey.

Product Features

  • ✅ Multi Purpose: This product has many different uses. It is not just for the beach. You can use it for a picnic, or any outdoor activity. If it rained earlier then you can use this blanket to cover a wet bench. It can also be beneficial to put it on as a coat. You can create a tent with this. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination
  • ✅ Convenient: This can fit into most pockets. Also Comes with an Compass hook. You no longer have to feel annoyed or bother because you have to find extra space. Now you can bring this anywhere and store it or hook it to your bag pack. We designed it to make it convenient as possible and keep the headaches out
  • ✅ Adventurous: You do not have to be the person that is not prepared. With this pocket blanket you will be able to navigate through the woods. Have something to lay on. You will no longer be the average person in the wild. You will become the go to person. Everyone will want to have an adventure with you because on how prepare you are.
  • ✅ Material: The material is made from nylon. The material is hard to rip and is durable. The size of the blanket itself is roughly 59” x 43”. It has enough space to lay down on and enough to have several people sit on
  • ✅ Customer satisfaction: Love our product or we will buy it back. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!