AES RGT902 OBD II GPS Tracker ( PRE-ACTIVATED SIM CARD WITH 3 MONTHS SERVICE FREE!!! w/ 20 SECOND UPDATES ) GPRS Mini Portable Vehicle Locating Personal Tracking Device. Connects to OBD Port.

RGT902 connects to satellites and local cellular networks
to provide accurate GPS Coordinates and street addresses*. The RGT902 comes with a
PRE-ACTIVATED SIM CARD with 3 months of GPRS cellular service and 3 MONTHS of Online Tracking Subscription.
Just Insert the SIM card included and your GPS Tracker is up and running,

You can extend your GPS Tracking Service, $90 for 6 months and $120 for 12 Months, you can also call to ask about our promo offers.

The RGT902 works 2 ways.

When you want to locate the tracker, text the GPS tracker and it will send
you a text message with the tracker’s location information to your smart phone.
Just click the text message with a Google map link sent to your smart phone and it will open
and show the tracker current location.

The RGT902 connects to satellites and local cellular networks to send GPS tracking
coordinates to our servers. Our servers connect to a Google Maps GUI interface that
you can use to see the current position and history of your GPS tracker. The RGT902
GPS tracker will arrive with Pre-configured login ID and Password to login to our
GPS tracking server to view the tracker current location and history log.

US Based Tech Support. Reach a human nearly 24/7!!
Detailed Address logging. Logs and saves all starts and stops.
Each trackers is 100% tested in The US before shipping.

Product feature:
1. Small, easy to install.
2. Built-in backup battery (last about 4 hours), wide voltage input range.
3. Powered by OBD connector.
4. Product dimension 55mm x 45mm x 20mm
From a demo video and tutorial copy and paste this link into your browser:

Product Features

  • ✅The RGT902 is excellent for Tracking a Vehicle, Connect to the OBD Port. // Updates every 20 secs when Vehicle is moving. Goes to sleep when vehicle is parked for 5 minutes or more. Displays last location before going into Sleep Mode. Access anytime via Web server or text.
  • ✅Works Anywhere in the USA // Includes 3 MONTHS of Data and Online Tracking Subscription. Comes Ready To use!!!**
  • ✅Connects to OBD II port for continuous Power. No wiring Required, Comes with internal 4 Hour backup Battery.
  • ✅Comes Pre-Activated with 3 MONTHS free online tracking service (Includes Cellular Service & Online Tracking Subscription). 100% Ready To use!!!** No contract, No activation fee, No tracking subscription fee***
  • ✅MOBILE GPS TRACKING ON YOUR IPHONE, ANDROID PHONE, PC AND MAC!! Real-time Tracking with Live reporting and History log. View on Phone or on Website. You can also receive GPS coordinates via SMS Text.