Classic Mexican Blanket Vintage Style Yoga, Pilates, Camping, Home Decor (Lavender)

These are vintage-style blankets that have been popular for decades. Perfect blanket for throw rugs, yoga mat or for meditation. Generous 56 inches 82 inches; size ideal for travel. This classic Mexican blanket has been a trademark of Mexico heritage for centuries. The Mexican people have used these blankets for many different things including: Wall decoration, furniture cover, room partition, mule saddle or just as a plain old blanket. People found warmth and style with these traditional blankets draped over their shoulders. Other even went as far as cutting a hole in the middle of the blanket so they could wear this Mexican blanket as a poncho. Made a recycled cotton and acrylic fibers blend these Mexican siesta blankets are hand woven and feature washable dyes. Our Mexican blankets are hand woven and made of soft, absorbent cloth and are easily washable. Our Premium Yoga Blankets come in several colors and designs. Please understand that these blankets are made in different villages throughout Mexico so there may be some slight variations in the pattern from the picture shown. Mexican blankets are used frequently in Iyengar and restorative yoga practices. They can be used folded under sitting poses to cushion bones and joints, underneath you in repose positions to insulate from cold flooring, rolled or folded to provide support in poses, or just as a cover to warm you in Savasana. Our Premium Blankets are made with a tight weave, so these blankets are thicker and warmer than our Classic. In addition to their larger size, they will offer more cushioning and insulation. These blankets are also great for use at the beach, a picnic or to cover an outdoor table and of course for providing warmth as a blanket. *000011*

Product Features

  • Our bright, beautiful Mexican style yoga blankets will add a splash of color to your yoga studio or your favorite place to practice yoga
  • These high-quality traditional blankets feature bright colors and are soft for added comfort.
  • These blankets can easily and safely be washed in a regular washing machine.
  • Thick, Soft and Warm and Come in a Variety of Beautiful Colors
  • This traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket can be used for warmth, comfort, extra padding, or to lend support for yoga positions.