Diymore Global Locator Mini A8 Real Time Car Kid Pet GSM/GPRS/GPS Tracking Device Tracker

How does it work:
It’s simple. Your surveillance operation will be underway in 4 simple steps:
1. Insert a mobile phone SIM card in the device (E.G. free PAYG SIM card from O2 etc).
2. Conceal the device where it cant be seen.
3. Dial the pay as you go number from your phone.
4. Listen – now you can hear what they are really talking about.

Type: Tracker
Material: ABS
Memory: Support 32M
Battery Using Time: 7h
Network Standard: GSM/GPRS
Battery Type: Built-in 3.7V 500mah Li – ion Battery
GPS Positioning Accuracy: 10m
Working Current: Below 10mA
Idle Current: Below 0.05mA
Operation frequency: 850MHZ,900MHZ,1800MHZ,1900MHZ

Remote-control setting:
A. Send \\”0000\\”to the SIM card number after a successful turn off this feature.
B. Send\\”1111\\”is open induction.

Before using the new machine should be filled with electricity, in order to achieve the best effect.
Standard charger: 5.0V, 500 mA±25mA, in order to avoid damage the host.
When install, please pay attention to GSM network signal strength, do not install in no signal or weak signal of place, so as not to affect the use effect.
When ran out of battery ,the indicator light is not bright, So please charging before use.
When you couldn’t get through the phone ,please re-inserting the card and booting or charging again then re-test.
When could not be automatic answer, please re-inserting the card and booting.
When could not reply the message, please check whether the sim card have to owe a fee, or check whether the sim card is filled with text
messages, then try it again.
If you need other security function ,please contact the seller directly to customize.
This product is forbidden for illegal purposes, otherwise you peril.

Product Features

  • Connectivity can listen to a location within 15 meters of the situation, the sound is very clear.
  • The highest sensitivity in the range of 4-5 meters, When the body is near, it will automatically start the alarm.
  • This GPS tracker applies the newest technology with the following advantages: small size, long stand-by life, simple operation, stable functions and convenient installation.
  • It is widely used for household monitoring, children, the elder, and pets?care and the trace for lost cars or other possessions.
  • Put the alarm cat or paste in a certain height, away from the body within five meters within the angular range 120 degree left and right, as long as people or animal, swaying back and forth in a very short time, induction start.