The Friendly Swede Mosquito Net Canopy for Single Camping Bed, Tent Pegs Included – Compact and Lightweight Pyramid Net (Army Green)

The Friendly Swede Mosquito Net

The Friendly Swede’s Mosquito Net is perfect for all your travel adventures. Whether it be camping trips, hikes, or even backyard star gazing – the net prevents mosquitoes and insects from getting close to your bed. This mosquito net is lightweight and ideally suited to a single camping bed. Included in the packaging is a smart suspension device and stuff sack.

Weight: 155 g
Color: Army Green
Size: 220x120x100 cm
Mesh: 225 Mesh
Material: 100% Polyester
NOTE: The net is not treated with insecticide to avoid hurting our environment. Instead, the mesh is extra fine to avoid insects from getting into the net.

1 x Army Green Mosquito Net for Single Bed
1 x Black Stuff Sack
4 x Ground Stakes

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Product Features

  • SIZE AND COLOR: 220 cm (Length) x 120 cm (Width) x 100 cm (Height). The size of the net is adjusted to suit a single camping bed and its army green color blends very well into the surroundings.
  • SUSPENSION POINT AT THE HEAD SECTION: Included in the packaging is an adjustable cord that can be attached between the loop in the top of the head section and any tree branch. This will give you extra space near the head and make you more comfortable when inside the net.
  • 225 MESH: The net is made of mesh with 225 holes per square inch. This means that the net is very fine and tightly woven and will keep out the majority of insects. The net is designed so that the bottom part is placed under your sleeping mat to prevent insects/mosquitoes from sneaking in from underneath.
  • SMART STUFF SACK: When not in use, you can store your mosquito net in the included stuff sack; this protects your net from being damaged and makes it easier to carry. The stuff sack can also be used for packing other items. The size of the bag, including the mosquito net inside, is 12x12x17cm, but can be pressed down to 11x12x11cm.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: This product is covered by The Friendly Swede’s Lifetime Warranty which you can register for on our website. Our customer service team is here for you and happy to help answer ANY questions you may have in <24hrs. Just copy-paste this link into your browser: