Aquatic Way Hydration Bladder with Cleaning Kit & Bite Valves 2 Liter 2L 70 oz Water Reservoir for Bicycling Hiking Camping Backpack. BPA Free Easy Clean Large Opening Quick Release Insulated Tube

Hydration Bladder for Backpacks

Stay Hydrated when Camping, Hiking, Biking, or Hunting

~ Want to have water without stopping your activity?
~ Looking for a hygienic bladder that is easy to clean and dry?
~ Tired of low quality water bags that are leaky or leave an aftertaste?

Introducing: Aquatic Way Hydration Bladder — Keeping You Hydrated While You Are Active!

– Food-grade BPA-Free and FDA Approved materials that are extremely resistant to mold and microbes
– Leak-proof experience with premium quality TPU material and leak-proof sealing technology

Large Opening
– Easy to clean and dry using the large opening that provides access to inner surfaces
– Enjoy cold water by easily adding ice from a scoop or an ice dispenser

– Effortless sipping and wholesome flow with soft and durable BPA-Free mouthpiece
– 90-degree turn lets you bite on the valve easily while you are active
– Prevent leaking with easily accessible ON/OFF valve

Drinking Tube
– Extra long 37-inch tube
– Resists water temperature change during hot and cold weather due to tube insulation
– Rubber binding at each end prevents insulation from wearing off

Quick Disconnect Tube
– No struggle with screwing in the tube. Simply click in/out to connect/disconnect. Quickly disconnect tube for easy storage.
– Conveniently place filled bladder in refrigerator or icebox without the tube. Tube connector shuts off automatically when tube is detached.

– Compatible with most 2L backpacks including Camelbak, Ospery, High Sierra, Teton. Due to large variations in designs, please check dimensions for fit. Doesn’t fit? We’ll do full-refund return.



Product Features

  • YOU’LL ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS OR IT IS ON US: If there is a leak, or bad taste, or ANY other reason why you’re not 100% happy with this hydration bladder, simply let us know & we’ll do a full refund. Best for all high adventure uses outdoors. Stay hydrated whether you are on a hike, on a bicycle, or skiing down your favorite ski slope.
  • THIS AWSOME DEAL INCLUDES 2 BITE VALVES, CLEANING KIT, & a 2 LITER 70oz HYDRATION BLADDER- : The cleaning kit significantly increases the life of your water bladder. The extra long wire brush is perfect to CLEAN THE INSIDE OF THE TUBE and long brush is best to reach the difficult BLADDER CORNERS. Easily DRY BLADDER with the included separator. BONUS: The two replacement SCILICONE BITE VALVES save you extra money! You GET THEM FREE in this kit!
  • BPA FREE AND FDA APPROVED MATERIALS: This bladder uses food grade highest quality anti-bacteria materials. Thick TPU water bag material is pressure & wear tolerant. LARGE OPENING LETS YOU EASILY REACH INNER SURFACES AND ADD ICE. Clean and dry with ease, add ice directly from scoop or refrigerator. The QUICK RELEASE connector mechanism lets you attach and detach the tube with a single click – no hassle with trying to screw it on the reservoir bag! Bladder DOESN’T LEAK WHEN TUBE IS DETACHED.
  • Silicone BITE VALVE is durable, anti-microbial, and soft for wholesome drinking. Easily accessible SHUTOFF VALVE prevents dripping when stored with water inside the pouch or during rigorous activity. The INSULATED TUBE COVER provides additional value! Our neoprene insulation resists temperature changes in different outdoor climates – hot and cold.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Buy with confidence with our no-questions-asked 60-DAY FULL REFUND Guarantee. We take pride in providing an awesome customer support! No issues go unaddressed!