GPS Tracker,JLEKONG Positioning of GPS WIFI LBS with No Monthly Fee, Real-time Dual-call Function, Anti-lost Tracking for Elder People Children Pets Vehicle, Waterproof Level IP67 (Black)

The Best Security Care:
It’s a best way to take care of your elder people, children and pets. You can know all information about them from the GPS tracker to ensure whether they are in safe fence or not,and they also can be better to take care for SOS one key emergency function with auto-dial. TRACKER default positioning mode and order is GPS: 5-15 meters (Outdoor), WI-FI: Within 10-50 meters (Indoor WIFI signal) and LBS Within 50-1000 meters ( Query the historical trajectory and set the safe fence distance with LBS signal ).

JLEKONG GPS Tracker’s Main Function:
1.No monthly fee to the tracker’s service-terminal
2.Global GPS Positioning where sopport GSM 2G network
3.Real time tracking
4.Call function: Dual-call intercom/remote monitoring,SOS call,voice monitoring,no distrub.
5.One key call for help: SOS one key emergency function,auto-dial.
6.Smart Electronic Geography Fence: Out-of-range settings can be automatically alarmed.
7.Waterproof Level:IP67
8.Multiple Positioning Modes: GPS/LBS/WIFI Positioning Modes
9.Amber360 APP, GOOGLE Map Link

Please Kindly Know:
1.SIM card MUST support the GSM 2G Network
2.Turn off the tracker before putting the SIM card into it.
3.LED light indicator, clearly know GPS tracker’s working status.
4.This Tracker MUST work by the GSM 2G NETWORK
5.Positioning error: read the bullets carefully please
6.NO MONTHLY FEE mean that the tracker’s service-terminal, not include the fee of calling and datas.
*7.Any Problems about the Tracker,You can Please Contact Us by Email.

Software and Hardware Parts:
Supported operating systems: Support android 2.3 and above system,IOS5.0 and above.
Support Compatible with for multi-languagesGSM+GPRS+GPS:GPS+LBS+WIFI Multi-modal positioning.
Smart Geo-fence:Outside the range (10-500meters) setting can be automatic alarm.
LBS location accuracy:100-1000M

Product Features

  • ☛COST SAVING: FREE MONTHLY FEE. Only need to pay GSM 2G SIM card’s fee of calling and datas. About 30M datas for a month by using 24hrs a day, without any data plan. You don’t need to pay more datas fee.
  • ☛ACCURATE POSITIONING: Perfect for tracking vehicles, teens, spouses, elderly persons or assets, enjoy traveling that don’t need to worry about pets. You can know the place at any time and place by phone’s Amber360 APP. Better to keep your family safe, especially for kids, elders, dogs, cats, or valuables.
  • ☛MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: Download Amer360 APP, then register an account, next connect GPS Tracker to remote monitoring. Dual-Calling to enjoy the voice chatting that reduce telephone radiation. SOS CALL help you know the gps tracker outside security fence automatically. VOIVE MONITORING help you know condition without detecting. NO DISTRUB that won’t disturb schedule.
  • ☛EXCELLENT FEATURES: Waterproof level IP6, You still can enjoy peace of mind that don’t need to worry about affect the use in wet and rainy environments. Long standby time anout 5 days that you can enjoy your camping, if get lost and phone is out of charge, you can call by the GPS TRACKER to ask for help.
  • ☛WARRANTY and KEYS: Enjoy Lifelong technical support. Please buy GSM 2G network operator’s nano-SIM card. The lacktor doesn’t suport CDMA card. The battery can use about 3 to 4 years of life.