Yeeech Compass Directions Temporary Tattoos Sticker Black Grey for Men Women Couple Small Waterproof

The discovery of the compass is of great significance, especially in navigation.
Before the invention of the compass, people mainly based on their own experience or the sun, the moon, the stars for identify the direction.
Sailing into the vast ocean is only a dream while the invention of the compass makes the dream come ture.

The compass temporary tattoos with the same meaning of compass and directions will help your dream come true.
We may lost in this sexy and desire fast cities. Let compass lead you to found where is the south and where should you go.
From this second, you know where is the right direction, who are with you, what should you do and cherish. Wake up please!

Product Features

  • Size 4.5 inches x 5.1 inches for full sheet within 7 small designs.
  • Water and sweat proof, realistic looking for 3-7 days normally.
  • Fit well for couple, family, men, women and those in lost people.
  • Environmental low carbon made by healthy green ink and gule.
  • No more loss, no more lost, you know what life direction is!